Our Story

Every person deserves to feel confident in their uniqueness. We exist to provide clean and ethical beauty that encourages you to embrace your best self.

- Liz Agresta, Australian Glow Founder
Sustainability is sxy
Our mission is to always be better, more efficient, and more conscious. There’s so much more to sustainability than just being like, please recycle :) We’re proud to say that we’re leaders in the self tan industry when it comes to sustainability and we can literally tell you why.

Plastic Negative

We’re a certified plastic negative brand.

We’ve partnered with RePurpose to reduce our plastic waste and support them on their mission to reduce waste, revive lives and restore nature's balance.

Even when we pack and dispatch orders, we only use recyclable materials so our entire supply chain is sustainable, beyond our packaging.

Natural Ingredients

We use natural ingredients and safe synthetics that are friendlier to the planet when they wash down the drain.

Our formulations are vegan, cruelty-free, Australian made, and super high quality. Just because we love bright colours on the outside doesn’t mean we aren’t super srs about what we put inside.


The best way to reduce waste is to reuse the same packaging via refills.

Ever noticed how very few brands do refills? Yeah, it’s because it’s really hard. But we’re doing it anyway. Because we’re about purpose over product. We work as a business to support greater change, create meaningful communities, and be a part of initiatives that help create a better and safer planet.