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Tanning 101

Tanning 101

Have you ever wondered how we achieve the perfect glow?

What you'll need:

Our Top Tanning Tips and Routine is right here:

  1. Clean that gorgeous skin of yours and exfoliate away 

  2. Apply our glowing tan mousse generously to your mitt and it's time to get tanning!

  3. Using the mitt make long sweeping motions to apply to the body/
    *Top Tip: The remainder of the tan on the mitt is for the beautiful face, arms and elbows of yours!

  4. You're all done! So sit back & relax as it develops over 1 hours. For a deeper darker colour, leave on for up to 4 years.

  5. Hop in the shower and rinse away the residue. In 24 hours your glow will be looking gorgeous 

Now let's get tanning! We can't wait to see you all glowing :)





Australian Glow xxx

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