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If you are new to our brand, you're in for a treat!

Firstly, lets take you back to our birthday (hehe), it all started back in 2017 when Australian Glow was born. Originating in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, this bustling brand prior to it being named Australian Glow, was already a tan company. However upon taking ownership of the company, we perfected the formula and ingredients.

Whilst revolutionising the packaging to be eco-friendly, ensuring we made a positive impact on the environment.

The founder's of the company built the brand surrounding several key goals and motives.

They wanted Australian Glow to be inclusive, encouraging brand to be used and enjoyed by people of all different sizes, genders, ethnicities and abilities. 

Australian Glow is all about supporting each other and giving everyone the chance to glow and feel beautiful in our own natural, healthy tan!

Creating a product as we mentioned that is for everyone whilst maintaining a natural range of properties was Australian Glow's main aim..BUT we didn't stop there!

We wanted to progress further, through introducing OWP [ocean waste plastic] packaging to replace any regular plastic packaging. Making an enormous impact on our environment in the best possible way.

The founder's are passionate about everything green and healthy. Which led to the implementation of our Refills, which soon became a key project to pursue.

They are now being sold to be used to top up already owned Australian Glow mousse bottles. Ultimately aiming to reduce our waste and plastic usage by 83%!!

So, what's next for Australian Glow?

We have some exciting things happening in 2020 and we can't wait to share them with you!



Australian Glow xxx

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