Australian Bushfires

Australian Bushfires

As these horrific bushfires ravage our beautiful country, we want to join our Australian community; who are doing everything they can to support each other and the place we call home.

So all of our online sales will be donated to Australian Red Cross and Wires Wildlife Rescue for the month of January.

The Australian Red Cross plays a big role in caring for people in need. Receiving dozens of donations of supplies, food, clothing, money and a plethora of other things they are there for everyone. The unimaginable pain, loss and suffering Australians have had to endure during this bushfire season is horrific, so having charities like the Red Cross there to support people in need, is incredible. 

Whilst Wires Wildlife Rescue's mission is just as important, to actively rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife; inspiring others to do the same. With over 480 million Australian animals killed in these catastrophic bushfires. Wires aims to help these animals, nurturing them back to full health and removing them from danger. An amazing cause and something we are passionate about supporting, particularly at this time! 

P.S. - There are numerous wonderful organisations to donate to in order to support all our wonderful animals, people and places across Australia! So donate if you can, the smallest amount can go a long way.


You can donate too, Please go to:

Sending all our love to those who have been affected by these heartbreaking events 💞 ⁠